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The Sir Julius Vogel Award Short List

Hey all,

The Sir Julius Vogel Award Short List is out with three stories from ASIM on it. 

Regina Patton's The Derby from ASIM #33 and Grant Stone's Under Waves and Over from ASIM # have both been nominated for Best Short Story.

Doug A. VAn Belle's The Jackal's Waltz from ASIM #35 is nominated in the best Novella/Novellette category.

The complete short list can be found here

The vote for the winners, and the awards ceremony, will be conducted at the New Zealand SFFANZ Conscription May 29-June 1st.

I would personally like to thank ASIM for its continued support of its New Zealand writers.   You guys rock!

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ASIM 37 out now!

Official Press Release - please feel free to disperse widely :)

…all [stories in ASIM #37], no matter how strange or unusual, should resonate deeply in the mind of the reader. These narratives will pluck that string in your heart that has felt that there is something missing, something that you once had that should not be gone. John Ottinger III  []

 Can you afford to miss this bumper fiction issue of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine? With 120 pages (free bonus of 24 extra pages!) stuffed full of fiction, ASIM 37 is receiving rave reviews from readers and reviewers alike.

  Packed with work from some of the best authors currently writing speculative fiction around the globe, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #37 has everything you could want in your spec fic – horror, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, humour, history and more – bundled together in a gorgeously packaged magazine. Artwork by the illustrious Dan Skinner accentuates stories that are intriguing, insightful, elegant and exciting in themselves. There’s more

 If you’ve never tried it before, there’s never been a better time to start.

 Available in selected Australian bookstores and online in print and PDF – see our website for details of how to purchase:

 Andromeda Spaceways Issue #37

Edited by... Tehani Wessely

This Is Not My Story . . . . . Dirk Flinthart
Dominion . . . . . . Christine Lucas
Drowning in the Air . . . . Penny-Anne Beaudoin
Love the Tattoo . . . . . . Leith Daniel
Amygdala My Love . . . . . Lee Battersby
Under Waves and Over . . . . . Grant Stone
Map . . . . . . . Adam Bales
The Unicorn in the Tower . . . . Eilis O’Neal
Rick Gets a Job . . . . . Jason Fischer
The Better To... . . . . . . Eugie Foster
Terraformer . . . . . . David Conyers
Night Heron’s Curse . . . . . Thoraiya Dyer
Failed Experiments from the Frontier: The Pumpkin . . . Paul Haines

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Convention - Wastelands II: Age of Iron

Wastelands II, Age of Iron is only EIGHT DAYS AWAY!

We have a new programme up for perusal, so click here and go and have a look!

We're still open to new panellists joining up, so if you see anything you would like to be on, please let us know!


Wasteland II: Age of Iron and Sin Present:

I am pleased to announce a special "Steampunk" theme night at Sin, in conjunction with Wasteland II:Age of Iron on the night of the 18th of October. Presenting your WII:AoI membership will get you 4$ entry on the night. Patrons will be encouraged to dress in suitable attire. Many thanks to Sin for allowing us to do this joint event.

What is it?
Wastelands II, Age of Iron is a two day convention focusing on the
futures of yesterday, and the glories of tomorrows that never were.
There will be two streams over two days. including workshops, panels,
and presentations. Discounts for people dressed in theme.

Wastelands is on the Saturday, October 18,
and Sunday the 19th 2008 at the Good Earth Hotel in Perth, WA.

Where is it?
The Good Earth Hotel, Perth

How do I pay?
It's $65 for a full membership, or $60 concenssion.
You can pay on the day, or you can pay via Paypal in advance.
Email us at callisto at g mail dot com if you want to pay in advance.

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New blog - Australian Small Press

I've started a new site called Australian Small Press -

It's only very new and little, but I have some plans for it that I hope will mean it grows and expands over time into something that assists all small press publishers in Australia, and maybe gives a leg up to authors as well.

The idea is to share information and support editors and publishers in Australian small press so that we ALL get better opportunities and returns on our investments. Many of us already do that by publicising and supporting each others' productions and projects, but I think we can go further.

The site will also list open markets and reading periods for Australian productions, and so hopefully supports our authors as well.
I'd love it if you'd head over and check out the start I've made and let me know at australiansmallpress (at) gmail (dot) com if you've any suggestions for topics to post about, additions that would be helpful, or to provide links to markets, publishers, supportive retailers, and other news. Please feel free to access the RSS feed (and make sure it works!).

Fingers crossed we can take this idea somewhere - remember it's only new, and there's a lot not yet on there - no omissions are intended!
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Fare thee well, Andromeda Spaceways

Hi all

This is just a short note to say that after a long battle between heart and head, head has finally won through and I am regretfully withdrawing from the Andromeda Spaceways crew.

I'll still be around as a passenger (no doubt one of those doddery old timers who gets around shaking a cane in people's face and saying, "Y'know, I helped BUILD this freighter, way back when the Internet was only a gleam in Bill Gates' eye..." or some such rot!), but family, work, study and other small press commitments have taken their toll, and unfortunately, ASIM is the casulty in my life.

I love this boat, and wish her many more creative journeys...

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ASIM #36 out now!

The Great Website Crash of August 2008 has now been put to rights (thanks for that massive flurry of web traffic Mr Doug Van Belle!) and Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #36 has truly hit cyberspace. You can't afford to miss this issue! Dip your toes into new fiction from Golden Aurealis winner Cat Sparks, and internationally acclaimed authors such as Rachel Swirsky and Lisa Mantchev. Then dive on in, because the rest is just as fine!

Issue 36Fiction
Piper . . . Cat Sparks
Purrgatory (sic) . . . Cathy Bryant
A Drowning . . . Aimee Smith
The Robber King and the blood orange tree . . . Maggie Della Rocca
The Amazing Story of Dominic Lazar . . . Rachel Swirsky
Halfway to Dead . . . Lisa Mantchev
The Nalendar . . . Ann Leckie
Too Hot . . . Janeen Samuel
Apart . . . Grant Stone
Homemade Autumn . . . Shane Nelson

Working for a Greener Narrative . . . Lee Battersby
The Problem Was . . . Michael Merriam

Special Features
An Interview with Greg Egan . . . Simon Petrie
Book Reviews . . . Simon Petrie, I.E. Lester, Dirk Flinthart

As always, available in print and PDF from the website.

Edited by Lucy Zinkiewicz and Tehani Wessely, with artwork by Eleanor Clarke, Anna Repp, Aimee Chow and Catherine Deziel.

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Art That Scares You finale

A few people have been asking around the traps, so here's the news: our official tally of bids is $4215. Now this may change slightly, or indeed be inaccurate (some of us were up very LATE last night tidying up loose ends) but that's what we think it is. All in all, over 90 separate items sold, which is BEYOND AWESOME.

Assuming all bids are paid, that puts the Cancer is a Cunt fundraiser for </a></font></b></a>paulhaines</lj>over the 20,000 goal we wanted to pay for his Avastin treatments. As said elsewhere, this means we can contribute a bit extra to Paul and his family to help them with their other expenses during this difficult time.

If you are paying for a winning item, please send your donation to the Paul Haines Paypal fund via a donate button and email with a copy of your receipt, your postal address and reference to which item you are paying for. The Paypal does not allow you to make any extra comments, which means that unless you email us, we might not know if your donation is connected to the auction.

Donators, hold tight - we'll try to let you know who has paid for their items by the end of the weekend so you can have a frenzy of posting things out next week. We'll contact you with addresses, etc. We have many, many people to contact, so please be patient with us.

This has been a brilliant project to be part of, and I think you'll all have to agree it was a very fun way to raise some money! We even got a few last minute bidding wars happening in the last ten minutes which was very exciting.

I hope you all enjoy your gorgeous new acquisitions!

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Last chance for Art That Scares You

Just one more day to get your bids in for the millions of items up in the </a></font></b></a>artscaresyou fundraising auction for Paul Haines. Make sure you check on items you have already bid on too, to ensure you haven't been outbid! Items have been added as recently as today.

There's still awesome goodies up for grabs, and some lively bidding on some hotly contested pieces. Go be part of it!

You don't have to have a Live Journal account to view or bid on items. The best place to start is at the Index post...
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ASIM merchandise in auction

The </a></b></a>artscaresyou auction closes in four days and there are two ASIM items up for grabs in this fundraising initiative. A copy of the very rare and ever controversial </font>ASIM #11 was donated by editor </a></b></a>battblush and the ASIM Co-op donated a "hard" copy (PDF on CD ROM) of last year's </font>Andromeda Spaceways Best Of Horror anthology.

Now's your chance to get your hands on some great reading and support a good cause while you're at it. Every little bit helps...